Legacy Arts International

In 2017 I founded a new arts organization in Princeton dedicated to preserving and cultivating the legacies of significant artists. Last year, we celebrated the Cuban composer Guido Lopez-Gavilan, awarded travel grants for young pianists to participate in an international piano competition, conducted a new course for young students on technology in music, and hosted piano masterclasses in Princeton.

Maestro Franco Scala

Over the past few years, I have been conducting extensive interviews with my piano teacher Franco Scala, founder of the famed Accademia Pianistica di Imola in Italy. With my husband Adam, I am investigating and documenting his pedagogy, which will probably turn into a book.

The BitKlavier

Princeton professor Dan Trueman has invented an incredibly fascinating software instrument called the Bitklavier. The Bitklavier has the potential to reinvent piano practice using technology. It is a fascinating tool that plays with time, tuning, and perception, while also providing the possibility of assisting students and stimulating their imaginations. In 2018 we held a course for students where we asked them to learn the program and adapt it to performance. Some of them altered classical repertoire, others learned pieces especially composed for the instrument.

Nuova Coppa Pianisti

I am the Associate Artistic Director of one of Italy’s oldest piano competitions: the Nuova Coppa Pianisti.¬†Each year I bring several Amercian pianists to Italy to experience this incredible festival.