From the Press:

“The young pianist of Italian origins opened the concert with seven of the twelve (Chopin) etudes from Op. 10. These pages from the piano repertoire are monstrously difficult, but Ms. Altamura performed them effortlessly and with a power that was astonishing.”

— Claude Gingras, La Presse, Montreal

“The young pianist treated Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 1 with a light and transparent touch usually reserved for this work; Mozartian in style and kissed with felicitous enlightenment… Miss Altamura put in evidence an innate musicianship, appropriate sense of instrumental color and a natural predisposition for elegant phrasing. Varied, her playing is rich in abandon and emotional surprises.”

— Amici della Musica, Bologna, Italy

“Ms. Altamura was brilliant, powerful and poetic. She plays with splendid liquid tone and a moving sure technique, which is piano art at its best.”

— John Paul Keeler, Hudson Catskill Newspapers

“Cristina Altamura infused the music with an air of refinement… bringing the fresh air of a new generation of pianism.”

— The Observator, Arad, Romania

“Listening was a joy of the heart and spirit…she brings the audience to its feet.”

— America Oggi, USA

“She’s a prodigious talent who, as a child, already played like a pro. She plays like singers sing — her hands sing at the keyboard.”

— Licia Albanese, Metropolitan Opera

“…a charismatic artist who holds an audience until the last bow… an orchestra’s pianist and delight.”

— Karel Mark Chichon, Chief Conductor of the Deutsche Radio Philharmonie Saarbrücken Kaiserslautern

“…she brings much joy to audiences”

— Michel Brousseau, conductor, New World Philharmonic Orchestra

“I have admired her work for years and presented her often“

— Robert Sherman, WQXR, McGraw Hill Young Artists Showcase

“She is a truly remarkable performer…she earned not only a standing ovation, but the praise of many of our distinctive audience members…”

— Stefano Albertini, Director, Casa Italiana Concerts, New York University

“Schumann’s Piano Concerto in A minor was flawlessly delivered by Cristina Altamura. Her poise and fluidity and the orchestra’s artful interpretation brought the audience to its feet”

— Kathryn Caggianelli, Hudson Valley News