Episode 1 – Franco Scala: An Apology and Gratitude (English)

The Legacy Arts Chronicles Podcast
The Legacy Arts Chronicles Podcast
Episode 1 - Franco Scala: An Apology and Gratitude (English)

English Language Version

produced, written and edited 


Cristina Altamura and Adam Sliwinski

THIS EPISODE  introduces the visionary Italian artisan of piano pedagogy, Franco Scala.
We listen to him talk about the origins of his academy, which he started in his living room in the early 1980’s after leaving the Italian conservatory behind and we hear his painfully heartfelt words of apology to the students he thought he had misguided within that system. Nick-named Incontri Col Maestro (Encounters with the Master) his academy went on to become one of the most forward-thinking, prestigious schools of piano in Europe, landing it in Imola’s Medieval Sforza Fortress (La Rocca) as its permanent home.

THIS SERIES explores Scala’s approach which avoids doctrine and adheres to no prescribed school of thought. He evaluates each student holistically, guiding them towards their strengths while illuminating their weaknesses. His process grows organically out of the ancient traditions of craftsmanship and apprenticeship. In a frantically high-paced modern world, Scala’s teaching methods take as long as they take. The fundamental ingredient is TIME.

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